Fibbin Friday – Oct. 9

This week it is Di’s turn to host Fibbing Friday. You can travel over to her blog at Pensitivity101 to read all the details and to read answers from others who chose to participate.


1 What tax did Henry VIII introduce in 1535? Henry decided to put a very heavy tax on any family that named their child Henry. His goal was to have no competition for his name. The cost was equivalent to 1000 US dollars. As this was an astronomical amount at the time the name was never used again. 

2 Who entered a contest for his own lookalike, and came third? That would be Paul McCartney. He entered a contest just a couple of years ago. The other contestants were much younger . The judges were not in touch with his current looks. (Silly judges)

3 What sort of creature is a mountain chicken? A mountain chicken is a chicken that can climb mountains and does not get harmed by the very thin air. The strange thing about them is that they lay square eggs. (ouch)

4 In which city is the UK’s Dyslexia Research Trust based? That would be in the city of Pullup, on Redder Lane.

5 What is Scooby Doo’s full name ? Scooby Dooadoodittydumdittydo is his real name but no one could spell it properly.

6 What is a zeedonk? A zeedonk is a donkey that sleeps 23 hours a day. He needs lots of ZZZZZ’s.

7 Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what? (and no, I can’t pronounce it) This is one everyone knows. It is the fear of cobras that try to invade your house.

8 What is an orange pippin? It is an organ mixed with a pineapple. It is very difficult to eat, and even harder to peel.

9 What is a Royal Flush? This is when you flush while using a solid gold toilet. (Be careful as their is a weight limit for the toilet.)

10 Who is currently 15th in line to the British Throne? Without any disrespect, it is the 15th person waiting to use the above mentioned toiled, aka throne.

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