FOWC with Fandango – Studying All My Life

Fandango provides us with a one word challenge to blog about. Today’s word is study. 


This word had a significant impact on me today. I felt like a lightning bolt hit me. I entered school at 5 like everybody else. A major part of very day involved studying. I graduated early from high school which meant extra studying to get more classes done, including summers.

I got married. I had two kids. I read and studied parenting books on a daily basis. I returned to junior college alternating days with my then spouse. I even took classes while pregnant with my baby. My debate professor was none to happy that I was giving a speech about Lamaze breathing in my 9th month. Studying was always a part of my life.

I took college classes while raising my kids. I would study once they went to bed. I typically only got 4 hours a sleep and then back to being a parent, a student, a troop leader, a room mom, etc.

Once I had my AA in early childhood education, I got a job teaching in a private school. I went to school at night to finish my degree. It was all getting to me. Studying was a daily part of my life forever. After three years, when my kids were in middle school, I quit my job and went to school full time. More intense studying.

As soon as I graduated, I got a job teaching in public school. Then my studying intensified. I made myself study all seven subjects I was teaching so I would be uber prepared. I was the first to arrive at school in the morning and often the last to leave at night. Studying and preparing was what I did naturally.

When my kids were in high school, I returned to the university to get my master’s degree. More intensive studying. I completed what they affectionately called a “One Year Kill Yourself Program,” while working full time and raising teens. Computers had just been introduced and I had to go to the university computer lab to write my papers. I lived and breathed research papers.

After finishing my masters, I moved from the elementary school to the middle school. Much more studying was involved. Now I had to be prepared to teach 150 students a day. When I changed from teaching language arts to science, it was back to the books again. I taught for 30 years in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. As science is always changing, I was always studying.

When I was getting ready to retire, it took a tremendous amount of research and studying of retirement plans, SS plans, and medical plans.

It just occurred to me that once I retired the mandatory studying ended.

As I am a life-long learner, I am now studying things that are enriching my life and bringing me joy.



15 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango – Studying All My Life

    1. As soon as I catch up with my purging plans, I have a bunch of classes that cost next to nothing on UDEMY. Maggie turned me on to them. They have writing classes, cooking classes, spiritual classes, etc. They had a special and bought them and they are there for me when I have time to do them.
      I hope you are doing well Mary. Virtual hugs.

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