The Blind Date

“For once in your life would you just agree to go on a blind date?” Roberto asked.

“I really don’t want a hook-up with some cheeky girl you already tossed away, Paul answered.

Roberto retorted, “Why do make everything a rivalry between us? Can’t you just be your clever self and put your best foot forward?”

Paul wanted to know what was wrong with the girl, but he was afraid to ask. He knew full well that Roberto never shared the ‘good ones.’  Paul reluctantly agreed after much badgering from his friend.

There he stood outside the agreed-on location pondering what he should do. She had texted and said the bus she was catching was running late. He wondered if he should stay or make a quick exit before she came. It seemed like the powers that be were hinting for him to run before she arrived.

Then she stepped off the bus…

Written for catching at Word of The day
Written for rivalry at Fandango’s FOWC 
Written for once, clever, cheeky at Three Things Challenge 
Written for Sadje’s What Do You See


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