One of Those Days

Being retired means most days all look alike. That being said, it could mean that they are all hectic, all wonderful, all lazy, or all busy. The news has been nothing but crud this week. I don’t watch anything on TV that remotely sounds like political stuff. I read the things I feel I need to know. It is all too much to deal with. I try and stay focused on things I have control over.

I am finally recovering from whatever I did to my back. I have spent the last three days in much less pain. I have been taking it easy and doing little to nothing each day. That is unusual for me. While I was in a great deal of pain, doing little made sense to me. But my typical (minor OCD) brain said once I was feeling better I should get my self in gear and do stuff. Instead, I allowed myself to relax.   

Now my world is catching up with me and I have a list of “must gottas.” I tried to get some ice from the fridge and the ice maker decided it did not want to stop dispensing ice even when I removed my cup. In a frenzy, I reached for a bowl to catch the ice. Not before Annie came in to the kitchen and quizzically looked at all the ice on the floor. I kept trying to stop the ice maker but until it was empty I was playing catch. Unfortunately, it still kept trying to dispense ice from the now empty compartment. So, once again I need to call the LG people to get them out here to fix this rotten machine.   

Yesterday, I leisurely  raked up some leaves on the side yard. I raked them into the plastic kiddie pool to be emptied once my back is ok lifting the piles of leaves. While doing this chore, I noticed that the roots of the tree were traveling under my house and had already lifted the pad under the air conditioner. So now, I need to get someone out to remove the tree before there is damage to the structure of my house. Another fun chore for today. 

My front lawn died and these over 100 degree temperatures aren’t helping matters. I have turned off the sprinklers to the lawn as I wish to remove it anyway. All my planters and trees are doing well as I hand water them each morning. Months ago I got prices for having a fake lawn put in and for having paving stones put in. Both were crazy high costs. I need to decide what I want to do because the dead lawn out front is depressing.

It is now the 5th of the month and of course bills were due on the 1st. I need to get that done today also. I have the time, the energy, but not the desire to get everything done. I would much rather read blogs and answer them, than do the chores that need to be done. 

I know I will be a good girl and get my act together. But, it’s already 10:30 and  I’ve done nothing but play with Annie, water my plants, and read blogs. You’d think that in the 4 hours I’ve been up, I could at least get some phone calls done.

I am not really beating myself up for all this. I guess I am just wondering when the switch was flipped and the overwhelming need to get things done ran away. 


8 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. I must admit being retired, albeit unofficially as far as the government is concerned, I often wonder where I found the time to hold down a 35 hr a week job. My days just seem to ‘go’, and its not as if I get up late every day, Maggie sees to that, but at least I can go back to bed if I wanted to.
    Glad to hear your back pain is easing. Treats by proxy for Annie.

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  2. Retirement is definitely a different experience than the structure of working, that’s for sure. And now, it’s truly odd, with the days all seeming totally the same and tumbling along, where I think, oh, it’s Friday again?

    Glad you’re feeling better as far as your back is concerned!

    And your ice cube maker. Wow!

    And yay for converting your front lawn to something else, too.

    I’m trying to extract myself from the tyranny of things to do and practice “being.” Ha, Ha. Working on it!

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