The Friday Four – Season Two Game Three

Rory at A Guy Called Bloke has four new questions for us to answer.



** “Age is just a number…” – Okay – do you believe this and if so, what number is it and more importantly what number are you?  Age is just a number. But the number changes all the time. My chronological age is 66. That cannot be changed. My physical age changes with my pain levels. The more the pain, the older I feel. I do my best to not let it takeover my life. My mental age is 20 something. That was when I felt most in control of my life. 

Inked or not – do you have any tattoos that you regret having done as they are with you for the rest of your life unless removed and if you do not have any have you ever thought of getting inked and if so would you get permanent or temporary? I got my first tattoo at 65 for my birthday. I got my second and last one a month later when retiring from teaching for 35 years. I do not regret them at all.

Can you describe the word …. How? HOW is the explanation or directions to do something

With Halloween at the end of the month – Horror movies season is starting again – do you love or hate them and why do you feel the way you do – what makes them great or terrible for you and or – why do they scare you? I do not like horror films. I never have. I watched a few in my early years and had terrible nightmares. No blood, no guts, no killing, no violence, and no scaring the s^$t out of me.


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