5 Favorite Picnic Foods

Dr. Tanya
asks us what are our five favorite picnic foods. It’s been a very long time since I’ve packed a picnic. I do believe this “old” brain of mine can remember what I liked to pack. 

1) If  foods must be already prepared, then sandwiches or cold fried chicken are a must. Most everyone I know likes cold fried chicken. It must be homemade and not from a fast food joint.

2) Deviled eggs are also a must. Again, these must be homemade. I like mine topped with a little smoked paprika.

3)  Macaroni salad (without mayo) is always refreshing.

4) Fruit and veggie trays are a must. There is usually something everyone likes on them.




5} Brownies are a must at any picnic I pack. Dark chocolate with or without walnuts, with or without frosting, with or without mini marshmallows are a hit for me.  Always homemade, often still warm when presented is the way to go.

20 thoughts on “5 Favorite Picnic Foods

  1. Yum! The Indian idea of a picnic is rather different. My average picnic pack would include Aloo Paratha (Oil roasted Chapatti with potato filling), Puri (Deep Fried Chapatti), Pickles, Fruits, Sabzi (Vegetables Cooked in oil and spices) and Rice cooked in spices and vegetables.

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  2. For some reason, I’ve read your post as “Panic Foods” and I suddenly thought of my very own panic foods… then I saw the actual title 😀

    No one can ever take Fried Chicken out of the equation! ❤

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