What Are You Reading Then? Books, Books, Everywhere

Rory wants to know, what is on our shelves. Rory asks: How large is your shelved book collection? Do you actually have a shelved collection of hard copy books or a digital collection only or both? Are you willing to show an image of your collection in the shelves?

I have been downsizing my book collection for a few years. I have gifted many to others. I currently have 4 large boxes in my garage waiting to make a trip across the country to my cousin. I have sent off books to family and friends that I think they will enjoy. I have donated numerous boxes of books to thrift stores.   

I had bookshelves built in my living room right after I moved in, in the 1980s. I had my brother and spouse build me wall to wall, floor to ceiling, shelves for my books and salt and pepper shakers in the 1990s.  In addition, I have books in my bedroom, books in guest room, books in my sewing room, and books in my scrapbooking room.  I have children’s books in most rooms for the grandkids to enjoy also. I have an entire IKEA bookcase in the garage for the grandkids. When they find one they really want, it goes home with them. 

I do not have digital books. Truth be told, I do not have a Kindle, nor an iPad.  I have been told I can download books to my computer and read them. I need to get my tushy in gear and learn how to download books. I signed up for a virtual library card with my county, but have not taken advantage of their wonderful offerings.   

Before the pandemic, I would frequent thrift stores and find wonderful books for 99 cents to 2.99. It was a glorious hunt for lovely books. Books tended to whisper to me and I would typically purchase the ones that spoke to me. Now, Amazon Prime is my friend for books. I have so many in every room that still need to be read, I should not buy anything for a year or so. But I know that is not going to happen.

18 thoughts on “What Are You Reading Then? Books, Books, Everywhere

  1. Wow, I thought I was overstocked on books! Lol….you beat me by a mile. I always buy books. I just like the feel of a book and I don’t have an iPad or kindle either! I am currently reading a wonderful non fiction book called Following Atticus by Tom Ryan. A wonderful, remarkable story.

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  2. Lot of books Lauren, l used to be like that also … but house moves break your back with books. If you love reading, you might find digital presence more convenient and efficient, especially lighter – but a Kindle book doesn’t have that feel to it that a book has – but an iPad holds more books than your shelves. The biggest issue is Time, always an enemy – great post – many thanks 🙂

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  3. We have no more room in our bookcases and books have overflowed into every book. My granddaughter once asked me why her other grandmother didn’t have any books. She always found wonder in the wall of books here.

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