5 Favorite Ways to Enjoy Potatoes

Dr Tanya’s 5 things today is about potatoes. 

I love potatoes.
I am sure I can find five favorites.

1)  Latkes aka potato pancakes –  My mom made the best latkes in the world. Hanukkah was overload time of these delicate yummy treats. I could eat latkes for days with tons of applesauce. Mine have improved over time, but they will never match hers. Mine used to resemble hockey pucks. Now they are edible and even yummy. 

2) Mashed potatoes – Homemade mashed potatoes with butter (real butter) is second only to latkes. I remember eating mashed potatoes in a restaurant as a child. I asked my mom what was wrong with the mashed potatoes. She told me that they were “fake” potatoes. I remember wondering how you grew fake potatoes.   The only way to improve mashed potatoes, is to make them garlic mashed potatoes. Yummy.

3) French Fries- Here is an instance where I prefer fast food French fries to homemade. I love In-N-Out’s French fries. They peel them, put them in a potato press, fry them, and serve them within minutes. Theirs’s are not frozen and have no added ingredients. It frightens me that McD’s have 17 ingredients. In-N-Out has potatoes, salt, and oil.

4) Potato chips – It has been an adventure finding potato chips without artificial ingredients or artificial flavors. Until IC came into my life I was not a very good label reader. Now I am. Happily, I have been able to find some safe potato chips on those occasions when I really NEED them.

These are a yes.

These are a NO.

5) Baked potatoes – I enjoy baked potatoes with butter and sour cream. If it is my meal, I add cheddar cheese, broccoli, chili, and/or beef bacon. We had a few potato bar lunches at school every year. Everyone would sign up to bring a topping or treats and the principal would purchase the potatoes and bake them in the home ec room ovens. I usually signed  up to bring brownies. Mine were always a hit.

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