SoCS – Collar – Better Late Than Never

I know it’s not Saturday. But my brain is experiencing an overload of thoughts and I wanted to respond to SoCS from last Saturday.  The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday was “collar.”
Use it as a verb, a noun, or metaphorically. Bonus points for using it in all three ways! Enjoy!

The first collar I thought of was Annie’s of course. I always wonder if she dislikes having on her neck or not. I don’t want it to be too tight, but she is a magician at getting it off. I need her to be safe. So silly me, I have begun taking it off when I am 100% sure we are going nowhere all day. I don’t know if I am making her happy or frustrated when I put the collar back on.

The second thought was to all the collars I have ironed in my life. You know, one of those, “if I had a nickle for every ……, ” kind of things.  I have gone through phases of hating to iron, liking the peace of ironing in front of the television, ironing only when my arm was twisted, and now ironing everything I am sewing as it makes my seams lay flat.

My only other thought on collars is the fact that I can’t stand wearing them. All my clothes need to loose, nonrestrictive, and barely touching my skin. My fibro has made my skin so sensitive. I honestly don’t think I own many/any collared shirts.

9 thoughts on “SoCS – Collar – Better Late Than Never

      1. Sounds about like money I’d make. I wasn’t allowed to babysit, so I did ironing. I started at 50 cents a dozen, then went up to 75 cents. The last few years I did ironing for people I think it was one dollar per piece. I had several customers, so the money added up each week. 🙂

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