Three Things Challenge – Sept 8

Di at  Pensitivity101 says, “The challenge is to simply read the prompt and see where your creativity takes you, using one, two or all three words in your post.

Your three things today are:

It has been a very productive day today. The weather G-ds decided to pardon us from the 100+ degree temperatures we have been experiencing for a few weeks. It was cool enough this morning to open the doors and windows to allow some fresh air to enter the house. I went outside and played with Annie for quite a while. I left the whole house fan on while we played. What a pleasant way to start the day. 

I knew today I needed to venture out into the world as safely as possible. My chores started at the Medical Center having my blood drawn. I arrived a little early for my appointment, but they took me right in and the tech was great. Happily, everyone was masked, and many were wearing gloves. (me included) I then went upstairs to have an x-ray of my hip. The orders were there but I had no appointment, so I had to wait. I did not sit down the entire time. I don’t feel comfortable sitting in a medical waiting room. 

After leaving the center, I went to get my other chores done.  I needed some things from Target and there is one very close to where I was. I found what I needed and added some food items to the cart also. I had some cash and thought I would, for the first time, go to Hamburger Habit to get lunch to go. The store is next to Target and I am all about getting things done quickly and efficiently. I saw a Dollar Store next to the burger joint. I laughed at myself for knowing that I would rather look at things in the dollar store than eat. I felt like this was safe as there happened to be only two other people in the entire store. I found the few items I needed including some things to fix the mess in my bathroom.

 I came home, disinfected things that were needed right away, put items in the garage for quarantine, and showered. I was exhausted physically and mentally from being out amongst people. If I were a drinking woman, I would have appreciated a nip of something strong to calm my nerves. Instead, I talked with a few people, drank a glass of ice water, and played with Annie some more.

When I finally got to making my lunch, I realized that my tuna, olive, and avocado sandwich was better than any fast food burger. I cleaned up the kitchen and took it easy for the afternoon. Then tonight I worked on my duvet covers again. I keep changing my mind about the selection of fabrics. I worked for a few hours until I realized that I was spinning. I know well enough that when that happens, I need to close the door (so Annie can’t mess with my fabrics) and leave it for tomorrow.

I took time to read blogs, write a blog, and now I shall attempt to sleep.

To all a good night.  

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