SOCS – More Than A Hundred – Aug 29


Lindas prompt today is a wee bit different than usual. Today she asks us to write about something in our home that we have more than a hundred of.   

Despite the fact that I have been purging things like crazy, I still have an agglomeration of  too many things.   

All over my house I have books. They reside in my master bedroom, my living room, my dining room, my guest room, my sewing room, and my scrapbooking room.   

In my scrapbooking room I have well over 100 scrapbooking magazines. This year I am going to try and re-home 90% of them.

In my scrapbooking room and my living room I have over 100 scrapbooks. My hobby, turned addiction, has been on the back burner lately. I hope to revive the addiction and catch up on pictures.

I have well over 100 salt and pepper shakers on display. In addition, I have over 100 sets in boxes waiting to be gifted or donated. 

I have more than 100 pieces of fabric in my sewing room. Again, I hope to further lesson that collection also.

I have over 100 pictures of loves ones spread throughout my home. I turned my garage into a play area for the grandkids years ago and filled a wall with family photos.

I have over a hundred pieces of my grandmother’s china packed in a box. My daughters are not interested in the history, but I cannot part with them. 

I have over a 100 die cuts neatly stored in my scrapbooking room. I am thinking that once I get my pictures caught up they might be donated to someone. 

I have hundreds of embellishments and papers for scrapbooking. An entire wall in my sunroom is filled with very organized containers of embellishments by topics.

I have hundreds of DVDs organized into genres. I have collected them for years and now I want to actually watch them. Maybe while I sew and scrapbook I can multitask. 

I have over a hundred CD’s. I would like to downsize that collection also.

I am still working on downsizing my collections. It is a work in progress.


26 thoughts on “SOCS – More Than A Hundred – Aug 29

  1. Love the graphic! Instead of the back of the closet, I box things up and put them in the loft – just in case, you know, they are needed! Actually, I’m quite proud that yesterday I managed to bag up seven or eight bin bags of rubbish. Probably only another 180 to go 🙂

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  2. That’s a lot of 100’s Lauren…I condensed much of ours down when we moved here I also made the children boxes of their memorabilia and photos while they were growing up… they loved them..more than I anticipated which reduced my photos somewhat…The only things I brought with me were my rocking horse collection and my kitchen…I could never leave that behind ..the books are mounting up again as we still buy them but that won’t change…and I never buy anything now unless I really, really love it…not like or love … it a bit but really love it..

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