Fandango’s Dog Days of August –


Fandango has a new prompt for August to get the juices flowing.

I was not online until fairly late today. It was a great busy Monday for me. I just saw the word for Monday and didn’t want to pass on the prompt opportunity.

I’ve always been a fan of Mondays. While teaching, Monday’s meant new lessons and new topics to share. My work spouse and I signed up for the computers on Monday’s. We had a rack of 40 to share between 4 classes for years. Then we had 2 racks, so only 2 teachers had to share. My last year teaching, there was a rack for each teacher.

I would spend my weekend finding and creating webquests that would interest the kids. They looked forward to being on the computers Monday. If a students was absent on Monday they would often ask if they could come in my class during lunch to do the activity. It was a well received activity.   

I still see Monday as a start to a new week. That is of course, when I remember it is Monday. Today my goal was to cut down some furniture. I am trying to downsize my household items, literally and figuratively. I have some large oak pieces of furniture that take up way too much room. Sooooo, I got out the tools and went at the furniture. My thought process was that if I destroyed the furniture, then it would just get sent to the dump. If I succeeded, then I had a project to work on.   

I went after the first cabinet after removing the glass doors. The doors were not easy to remove. I accomplished just what I wanted to do. Next, I went upstairs and started on the larger cabinet. This time I remembered to take a before and after picture.


A I still need to do more sanding, then painting. I am very happy with my Monday chore of deconstructing furniture. 

9 thoughts on “Fandango’s Dog Days of August –

  1. Glad you’re enjoying it. There’s a feeling of relief when we actually accomplish those tasks! I started a while ago but haven’t been able for some time. I’ll get myself back to it when I’m able. Meanwhile, can enjoy your pictures of success!!😊

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