August Writing Prompts – The 2nd of August


Michelle at Putting My Feet In The Dirt has wonderful prompts for each day of August. Today’s prompt is delights and deliciousness.




Fandango’s  Dog Days of August where today’s word is blog.   Fandango’s One Word Challenge today is pizzazz. 

I envy people who are multi-talented. (Not envy in a bad way.) There are many bloggers who are much more than just amazingly great writers who delight us daily with their pizzazz and talents. There are bloggers with great knowledge about flowers, music, photography, cooking, and all sorts of info beyond my reach. I can, and do, spend many hours reading blogs that enlighten me and make me feel connected to the authors.

After reading about and listening to music on blogs I am often uplifted out of a funk, into joy and happiness. I adore finding new (to me) artists. As I listen to my iPod in my car, Sirius at home, and CDs when I can, I rarely hear anything from the last decade or more. Blogs have expanded my music range.

When I see all the wonderful photography, I can’t wait to feel safe enough to take my camera to a camera store to get it fixed. I have my phone of course, but it’s not the same.

When bloggers share their flowers and gardens, I am able to enter their world and enjoy it with them. Knowing that they can see and feel the gifts of nature, makes me also enjoy my little gardening spots.

When I see and read about the great foods, bloggers make it makes me want to share in the deliciousness of the cuisine. This shelter in place has meant I am making more meals than ever. I am often prompted to try something new because of a spark initiated by a blogger. On the hot days we are having now the simpler the better. I am back to sandwiches for lunches and that is OK with me.

Blogging is such a positive community with much to learn and enjoy. I am so glad I am a member of this tribe.



14 thoughts on “August Writing Prompts – The 2nd of August

  1. I love being part of the blogging community, too. We all bring something different to the table and there is something special about reaching around the world. I’m in awe of people like you who are artistic and can do handicrafts.

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    1. Thank you. Handicrafts yes indeed. Artistic?????
      I love your sharing of your experiences. You are so brave to give of yourself so willingly. I used to think I was brave taking 30+ middle schoolers to other countries. But not so much after reading of your adventures.

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      1. It was very awesome the first year in New Zealand and Australia. The second trip to Europe was a challenge. The company had changed from a non-profit to a profit and they cut way too many corners at the kids expense. I was constantly battling for the kids rights to what their parents paid for.

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  2. Lauren, you’re so great at reading other people’s blog posts! And responding to prompts, too.

    I can barely kept up with posting new pieces myself, as I’m trying to curate all of my Quebec posts, thankfully making good progress with that.

    Sending all good thoughts!

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  3. Hi Lisa I agree with everything you say about this blogging community. I have met so many lovely people here. We all have a place in God’s patch work and we really do help and support eachother.💜💜💜💜

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