Real Neat Blogger Award –

Sadje from Keep It Alive has graciously nominated me for this award. Thank you so much for the nomination. I respect your writing and talent so much Sadje. 

Rules of the Real Neat Blog Award

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  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate some bloggers
  • Ask them seven questions


Sadje’s Seven Questions:

• What do you think is your biggest achievement in life? So many things come to mind. Then I realize that many achievements had some unexpected consequences. So I shall go with the achievement I am most grateful for right now. After a lifetime of self doubt and pain, I have (for the most part) achieved a place in my heart where I like myself and respect myself enough to not allow abuse from others. 

• What sort of books you like to read? I enjoy a variety of genres. Not a shocker, I love self help books. I also enjoy fiction and autobiographies. I like uplifting books that are meant to bring joy and happiness to your heart.

• Are you a collector? I collect way too many things. I am currently downsizing some of my treasures. 

• What one activity you miss most, which you haven’t been able to do due to the lockdown? Easy one, hugging my grand kids is what I miss most.

• Are you a people’s person or a happy to be with yourself kind?  I like small groups of close friends, or just being by myself. 

• Do you play any games on your phone or computer? I am addicted to solitaire on my phone. That’s it, no other games.

• Do you like getting awards on your blog? The truth is, I feel like I don’t deserve them. Then my brain says everyone should be able to participate. When I get an award, I am truly honored. I feel strange nominating others though. (I know, I am an odd duck.)

My Nominees:

My nominations, only if you feel like doing it,  are: Maggie and Elizabeth and Mary

Many people I follow have already been nominated. Anyone who likes to answer questions and enjoys asking them, please feel free to consider yourself nominated. I enjoy reading answers as much as answering them as it provides a light into who you are. 

My questions?

1. If you could redo high school, knowing what you know now, would you do it?

2. If you are a meat eater, what is the strangest meat you have tried?

3. In your opinion, is it more important to be spiritual or religious?

4. If you could be in any TV series for a few walk on spots, which one would it be? (Old or new is OK)

5. (Let’s get risky now.) Do you believe in an afterlife? If so, what is it like?

6. Do you think we are headed toward a society with no actual money, just cards or codes? Is is happening in some places. 

7. What stresses you more, car trouble or house repair trouble?


18 thoughts on “Real Neat Blogger Award –

  1. I don’t think being uncomfortable nominating people is unusual. After all, when you “nominate” somebody, you’re not only praising their blog, but asking them for a decent slice of their time to keep the award going.

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  2. Congratulations and regardless of what you tell yourself, this is very well deserved! Good for you. I also miss seeing and hugging my grandchildren. Solitaire drives me mad! I love word games most of all – and escape games. Thank you for the nom8nation. I will answer. 😁

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