One Liner Wednesday – Safety


One Liner Wednesday is brought to us by Linda Hill.


I am not trying to be a pain, but…..   

Whenever my spouse enters the house I still need to remind him to thoroughly wash his hands. His idea of doing a good job, and mine, are vastly different.  If I had a printer, I would print, laminate, and post this in the power room by the front door.




7 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday – Safety

  1. I like the sentiment expressed in your post! I guess wearing a mask is number 2. And not going to crowded places. None of that is happening in my corner of the world, that’s for sure.

    Hope you’re doing well.

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    1. It is a mixed bag here. Most everyone is wearing masks. I go out once a week or every two weeks for medical treatments. Staying home otherwise. I am well.
      I hope you are enjoying your unexpected time here in the US.


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