Share Your World – July 6


Melanie, at Sparks From A Combustible Mind brings us new questions to share our answers to.  Please join in the fun and share your world with the blogging community.



In your opinion, what’s the closest thing to real magic? My brain immediately went to sentimental answers like watching a grandchild being born, hope when you think there is none, and watching a child getting a new concept they have been struggling with.

Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been? Many years ago, when I was looking for a preschool for my daughter I entered a house with a preschool on the premises. The woman didn’t believe in diapers for toddlers and I witnessed little ones urinating on the wood floors. OMG, I did a fast retreat out of there.

What are some things that you’ve heard in your own life, which sounded like compliments but were actually insults? A principal I once had was an expert in this department. You would listen to her and think, did she actually say that? No one was exempt from her comments. In fact, we teachers would share them with each other. She would say things like, “That lesson would have been great if all the kids were paying attention.” “Your teammates really miss you now that they have to have more students.”  

What incredibly common thing have you never done?  I have never changed a tire on a car. I am glad that I have never needed to either.

Gratitude Section (Optional, as always) Please feel free to share some gratitude that you experienced during the past week! 

I am grateful for my lessened pain levels that have allowed me to work on purging things from my home.


5 thoughts on “Share Your World – July 6

  1. Thanks for Sharing Your Lovely World! You touched on some wonderful magical moments too! I’m glad your pain is manageable right now, so you can accomplish things that make you feel less burdened! 😀 That’s magic too!

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