SoCS – Toss


Linda hosts Stream of Consciousness Saturday. This week’s prompt is “toss.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!






I am currently in a state of purging items from my home. Being retired means all the time in the world to look at everything around my space. As a typical consumer, I have way more stuff than I need in almost every room of my house. I began decluttering a couple of years ago. I proudly removed items by gifting them, by donating them, and by tossing things that were not good enough to donate.   

Last winter I finally shed tons of pierced earrings. I asked family and friends if they could use them. My ears have been closed for at least 10 years so it made no sense to hold on to the jewelry. I went through every pair to try and make sure the recipient would enjoy the gifts. It made me happy and hopefully, gave them some joy.   

I am in the process of cleaning out my bookcases in the dining room. I adore my wall to wall oak bookcase. It was a gift of labor and time from my brother and then fiance. (now spouse) They built it specifically to not only hold books, but also my salt and pepper collection. As my collections grew I needed more shelves than I had planned for.

Here lies the conundrum. I managed to donate three boxes of books to a thrift store and one box will be sent to my cousin. A few single books will be sent to loved ones. I still need to purge more, but it is a process.

However, I still have way too many salt and pepper shakers. I have been collecting them for 48 years. I don’t want to just toss them, because that seems wrong. I have a friend who sells things on EBAY. I asked if she has time to sell them and she is debating it now. I would love to gift them, but most people I know are downsizing and are not interested in adding things to their homes. I hope to spend this weekend taking down the collections, cleaning them, and then deciding their fate. I don’t have an exact number to keep or toss. I will hold them and decide if they should leave my shelves or stay. 

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18 thoughts on “SoCS – Toss

  1. Love those bookshelves! I’m also in the process of decluttering, lightening my load. The more stuff I have, the harder it is to clean, and clutter makes me tired and stressed. Good luck with the process, and I hope you find someone (or several someones) to treasure your collection.

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    1. Our library isn’t taking books now. I once donated 12 boxes to them long ago and it was fun watching them delight over the titles. Always a good choice when possible. Glad to know others donate to the library also. Thanks.


  2. That is a wonderful book shelf! Amazing at the many S & P shakers you’ve collected. I’ll be there are some really unique ones, too. I have a few. They are cute, but I really don’t have anywhere to display them. Good luck for selling or finding new homes for them. It is so hard to give up some of our treasured things. 🙂

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  3. Love those beautiful book shelves. Your salt and pepper shaker collection is amazing but I can understand your need to downsize. A friend and her brother inherited their mother’s collection of eggcups and didn’t know what to do with them.

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    1. I get that. I feel there are so many now that I can’t even enjoy them. Truthfully, I used to entertain and use the S&P as personal table decorations. It was fun. I have about 30 or more Christmas ones and I don’t even celebrate Christmas.

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  4. Your bookshelves are incredible! I hope things work out with your eBay friend. You’re right, your collection could bring happiness to lots of people if there’s a way to reach out. Good luck!

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