Light Motifs – Moon – Another New Blog

I am attempting another new blog prompt for me. Today’s is written for Paula’s Thursday Inspiration 63 where this week’s theme is moon.


The sweet photo prompt above made me first think about how intelligent our pets are. They bond together, and to us, to bring joy to the world. I love to sit on my porch swing with my dog, appreciating the views of the moon.

Then my mind wandered to the enjoyment I had teaching astronomy. I typically had a music video on while the students were entering my class and preparing for the day’s lesson. Mr. Parr was always a hit with the kids. He wrote his songs to popular tunes to teach his 6th graders science topics. By the end of the day, after teaching 5 periods, I often had the songs stuck in my head. I enjoyed the opportunity to add yet another way to get my concept across to my students. 



15 thoughts on “Light Motifs – Moon – Another New Blog

      1. I taught 6th and 8th grade astronomy. A very different animal for sure. Happily, I think most of the kids enjoyed the topic. I was not a fan of physics at college. Too much math for me. LOL


      2. The math was what I liked about it! We did not get any astro- anything at school. Heck, I’m not sure children even get physics these days, I think it is “science”. 6th grade is 11-12yo, right? Our grades are like that now, but in my day it would have been 1st Year (i.e. of senior/high school), going up to 5th Year (when children sat competitive exams and mostly left and got jobs – I stayed in education).

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      3. Yes 6th grade is 11-12 year-olds. Here in California, 6th grade is Earth Science and Beginning Astronomy, 7th is Biological Science, and 8th is Astronomy, Physics, and Chemistry. In high school Physics is mandatory is you are college bound. Biology is a graduation requirement in high school. Earth science is optional in high school. I always felt very serious about doing a good job, because I was often the only earth science my students would have unless they opted for it later.


      4. Biology is required in both middle school and high school. The few years I taught some 7th grade classes I was forced to pretend to like dissecting frogs, fetal pigs, sheep eyes, cow hearts, and grasshoppers. Yuck

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