30 Day Film Challenge – Day 1

















This challenge for July from SandmanJazz. seemed like something I would like to do.

Check out his blog and his entry for the first day of the challenge


 I actually have no idea of what movie I first saw at the theater.  My family usually went to the drive-in movie theater every two or three weeks. It was a very cheap evening. You paid by the car, and could fill the car with as many kids as you wanted. (That changed later.)    We would take a large brown grocery bag full of homemade popcorn with tons of margarine. A pitcher of Kool-Aid was our affordable beverage of choice. 


Before the movie started my younger sibling and I would play in the playground. We would usually be in our PJs because we would always end up falling asleep in the car.

There were typically two or three cartoons before the first movie. We almost always made it through the first movie before falling asleep. We rarely made to the second one. 

In my younger days I would be carried off to bed. At some point, I was too “big” and was awakened and had to walk into the house to go to bed.

The first movie I saw by myself at the theater was Mary Poppins. I was ten and sure I was old enough to go by myself. I was given a dime for the phone so I could call my mom when the movie was over. I left the theater after the Movie, not realizing that there was a second movie included in my ticket price. I called my mom and she wondered why I didn’t stay for the second movie. Being one who can think quickly, I told her I only wanted to see the Mary Poppins movie and wanted to come home.



17 thoughts on “30 Day Film Challenge – Day 1

      1. I haven’t been to a theater in more than 20 years. I have a severe perfume allergy and I don’t wish to have an asthma attack. Once this started, I tried to go to a matinee during the week and sit alone in a show, but it wasn’t worth the risk.
        I have found that the cost of the DVD was the same as one ticket, so I bought whatever I wanted. Then when the grands came over we watched it together. If they didn’t love it, it stayed here or went off to my cousin. If they loved it, it went home with them.

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