24 Hour Blog Question

Rory at A Guy Called Bloke asks :The Resonation of Relatability?

How important to you is it for you to have a level of resonation or relatability to the blog and bloggers you read from weekly or does it not matter and you read purely for the escapism, learning or entertainment factor and so on?

Do you like to balance your reading or focus on specific genres only?

Finally do you need to ‘get your blogger to get your blogger?’ or do you get the blogger anyway whatever?

Yes .. it’s one of those types of questions … well three really, but who is counting?

I need to have some level of relatability to the blogs I follow or why would I follow them. Relatability doesn’t mean that they are anything like me though. I actually enjoy reading about lives that are different from mine. That is what makes the world go round. I enjoy reading poetry that is far beyond my ability for the cleverness and quality. I enjoy the photography of skilled artists. I enjoy the fiction of gifted writers. I enjoy learning about how other people experience life that is different from mine.

The second question is answered above. I enjoy a variety of types of blogs, no single genre. 

I guess I do need to get the blogger. There have been a few I read and was lost. I usually try more than once before deciding it is not my cup of tea.   

It’s been a very long, very trying, very tiring day. I am glad I read many blogs tonight before hitting the sack. It gave me the energy to write a quick blog. 


PS: Missing Mom alot today. Maybe I should blog about it tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “24 Hour Blog Question

  1. I agree. I read a variety of blogs but I do need to feel I I ‘get’ the blogger. I don’t always have to agree with them on everything they write about but there has to be some kind of connection.

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