Five Things Challenge – July 23


Today we are asked to write about five things we have enjoyed during the lockdown. This is more difficult for me than what I have missed, but here goes.


1) Reading time: I usually felt guilty for reading for hours and hours. I would think of something else I should or could be doing. Now I am enjoying reading with no time constraints. I am reading more fiction now. It is enjoyable because I don’t have anything to “learn.”

2) Appreciating my home: While being stuck at home for my own safety, I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. I have spent many years adding accessories to my home that make me happy. The fact that I am home staring at everything I picked out makes me happy. My home is a reflection of me, and I am at peace here.

3) Cuddling with my dog: My dog is thrilled that I am home 24/7. She is a very spoiled little girl and she has me very well trained. From her play time first thing in the morning, to her walk in the evening we spent most of our time together. She has a dog bed in every room in the house, so when I move about, she accompanies me.

4) Blogging: I have visited more blogs in the last four months then probably the last year. I read blogs before I even write anything. I am fascinated by the different personalities and cultures represented in the blogging world. It make me not feel so all alone.

5) Gardening: I spent a few hours every day working in my gardens. I am good at dividing plants that have gone amuck and replanting them in spots that need them. While working in my gardens I mentally solve all the problems of the world. It is both a time of relaxation and physical activity. Two days ago, I painted 10 feet of one of my wooden fences a fresh coat of white paint. Even in my painting togs, I still managed to add splashes of paint on my body. It took almost as much effort removing the paint from me, as it did to add it to the fence.




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