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Melanie posts four or five different questions each week for you to answer and share your world.  There are two ways which you can participate. You can make your own blog or comment on her post. Click the link above to see more of the rules.


Have you ever ‘dined and dashed” (i.e. eaten the meal and then run out the restaurant door without paying)? I have never done a dine and dash. One time, long ago, before I had a credit card, I was mortified to realize that I did not have money for a tip. I apologized profusely to the server and told her I would come back later with a tip. I am sure she thought she would never see me again. I did return and doubled what it would have been. Boy was she surprised.

Have you ever been in a car accident and either left the scene of the accident (providing it was a fender bender and not serious) or denied culpability for causing it when you did, (if it were minor or serious)? I am a serial good two shoes. My first fender bender was when I was 19. When pulling out of the parking spot my GMC pick up bumped into the car next to me. I grabbed my baby and went into the store practically in tears. A kind woman came out and said it was nothing because her car already had so many scratches on it. She told me to take my baby and drive home safely. I don’t think that would ever happen nowadays.

(Oldie which has been asked many times before) Have you ever found a wallet or purse or some money (over $20) in the street and just taken it, thinking ‘finders keepers, losers weepers?   Or would you be ‘good’ and hand it in?  I have picked up a 20 on the street near no business and thanked the universe for it. I have also turned in money found in a shop to the counter. I have also given the server notice when he/she didn’t charge me for something on the bill. I do get a kick when they ask why I am telling them that I was undercharged. I believe in karma so, “do the right thing” feels right.

What was the last thing you stole or shoplifted?   If you never ever considered doing that, tell us your secret!   🙂  I haven’t stolen anything since I was a kid. I felt so guilty about stealing a candy bar that I told my mom and she made me march right back and confess to the storekeeper. I felt lower than low.

As a teen a friend of mine wanted to steal an LP. I wanted nothing to do with it but her parents were picking us up and I had to get my ride home. I told her I would meet her outside as I wanted nothing to do with the crime. I was waiting outside when she came out. She was followed by a security guard and placed in handcuffs. I stared at them both in fear. The guard said something to the effect that he knew I was not with her when she did it so I could go. I stood there outside for her parents to arrive and I had to tell them security had her for shoplifting. It was a long silent ride home in their car.

Gratitude: Melanie stated that she is giving a free pass if the desire to express gratitude isn’t in the cards for today. She then reblogged two posts. I read them and was greatly moved so I am putting her comment here.

From Melanie: Today I’m again giving folks a free pass from sharing (you’re still welcome to share if you want to of course) and re-blogging a really thought provoking post by Pam of Butterfly Sand.  This was brought to my attention by Di of Pensivity101.   Thanks to both awesome ladies for sharing a post that I’m very grateful I got to read.

Now my gratitude: I am very grateful for a world of bloggers who have different backgrounds, different religions, different geographic locations, different philosophies, and yet are all kind and sharing of their writing talents. 


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  1. Thanks Lauren for Sharing Your Beautiful World. The wait staff person was probably very surprised, because most folks would forget about her tip at all, especially after they’d left the place. The woman whose car you dinged isn’t an exception, but those sorts of people are rare. Sadje reminded me recently that people do have good hearts and are kind. Some have just forgotten how to use the skill. It sounds like you’ve lived your life not regretting much in the way of doing shady things. Good for you! It’s a pleasure to know you too! 🙂

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