It Was A Very Good Year?

Rory at A Guy Called Bloke posed some thought provoking questions today along with his blog.


“Who were you and where were you for those ages – what were the years? Have you changed significantly from the person you were at 17 to the person you were at 35 and were they indeed ‘very good years?’ The bonus question should you wish to answer it is this …. answer the same questions for the ages of 25, 45 and 55. Alternatively looking at the six ages 17, 21, 25, 35, 45 and 55 – have you changed profoundly from the core of who you were at the beginning of the Life journey?’”

17 = I got engaged, I graduated early from high school, I started junior college, I got a job at McDonald’s, I thought I knew everything    1971

21 = I was married, I had my second child, I was taking a couple of classes each semester at the junior college, I purchased my first home, I learned to paint my house, my best friend passed away in a horrible car accident, I thought I could/should handle anything sent my way   1975

25 = I was still taking classes at the junior college when I could, I was raising two little kids without help, I was growing food in my back yard which I had never done before, I was making all my kids clothes and most of their toys, I was raising a rambunctious golden retriever and her 9 puppies, I dreamed of writing children’s books, I was a Brownie leader, I was overwhelmed much of the time   1979

35 = I was teaching in a private school, I was taking university classes at night, I was raising two kids as they grew and changed, I babysat during the summer so I could have an income, I dreamed of writing children’s books, I loved taking pictures,  I was stressed much of the time  1989

45 = I was teaching in public school, I had had finished my master’s degree, I was remarried, my daughter was expecting my first grandchild, I moved from the elementary school to the middle school teaching science, I bought myself a car, I dreamed of writing children’s books, I loved reading for pleasure, I started scrapbooking as a hobby and business, I made plans to travel to China the next year, I thought I had done all the hard things and was ready for an easier time  1999

55 = I was a Nana to two wonderful Zs, I loved going to work every day, I bought myself my dream car that could hold car seats, I started making quilts, I dreamed of writing children’s books, I was scrapbooking much of my free time, I loved reading for pleasure, I spent a great deal of time in my gardens, my spouse and I traveled to Ireland by ourselves, I was spending most evenings and weekends using the computer to improve my science program, I thought my world was pretty static without too many highs and lows  2009

65= I was Nana to three wonderful Zs and an R, I retired after teaching public school for 35 years, I got my first and second (and last) tattoos, I bought myself a new car that can hold my very tall grandchildren, I purged years and years’ worth of items from my house and classroom, I donated books and toys to friends and organizations, I finished quilts I had started long ago, I prepared myself for the next phase of my life, I was sure that I was headed for a calm peaceful retirement including traveling with my grandkids 2019

And I just turned 66 this week. This is not how I imagined retirement. 


9 thoughts on “It Was A Very Good Year?

  1. What an interesting journey you’ve had! It occurs to me, that if you still have the interest, you now have the time to write those children’s books. I do understand if that’s a dream that’s slipped by though. I wanted to illustrate those same sorts of books. Doesn’t look like I’ll ever do it though. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with me! 🙂

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  2. Hey Lauren – thank you so much for the sliced shares of your life. I think you should stop saying ‘never say never’ and start saying ‘now’s the time to write my dream genre’, l think with 35 years of education, being a grandmother and being a creative personality – the time to write and project your scrapbooks into words is now 🙂

    I think you have a lot of stories that need to be penned.

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      1. Always a pleasure and l would be surprised if you didn’t Lauren – l have listened to teachers stories at parties, l used to date a teacher many moons ago and the things she used to say always had me in stitches and those were the funny stories – so if you are writing children’s books – you know how to think like them and will be able to see in their minds eye through your own .. surprise yourself start a tale or a story today 🙂

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      2. I apologize for not responding earlier. Your comment ended up in my spam folder which I rarely check. I am feeling more and more at ease sharing little tidbits on my blog. Answering questions is easiest for me, but I want to do more fiction writing to share. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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      3. Hey Lauren, one of the beauties or blogging is the more confident you become, the more open you become and the second beauty of WordPress is the community whom are hellishly supportive 🙂

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