Another Day

corona-4971013_640What day was it today? It was just another day.  I did not have a restful night’s sleep. I kept waking to the strangest dreams. After being awake for three hours I finally fell back to sleep at 7:20 AM. I awoke in a jolt at 8:20. I had a 9:00 appointment so I was tired and frazzled right off the bat. I quickly showered and departed for my outing.

Today was my second acupuncture appointment since COVID shut down our lives. I accepted the second appointment of the day, and I should not have. The first patient ran long, and I sat in the unused room alone for quite a while. I didn’t mind waiting but when I heard two more patients come in and being led to their rooms, I knew the doc was overbooked. My care was not compromised, but my exposure felt like it was. When I left to make my next appointments, I made sure to only accept the first appointment of the day. It is a crazy world when I feel the need to not be near anyone else.

I decided to try and go to target. I had a face mask and gloves ready in case there was no line. It turned out even though the parking lot was full the store seemed fairly empty. This was the first time I have been in a Target since January. It was the first-time shopping by myself also. There were no lines or arrows indicating where you should go. Because the store was so empty, I only passed one person the entire time shopping. I figured I would get a few needed groceries. My spouse does the weekly shopping on Fridays and I knew some essentials were already gone. I picked up milk, eggs, TP, sponges, dish detergent, and some treats. A friend gave me a birthday gift and asked me to get myself some treats, so I did.

There was only one register open. There was only one customer ahead of me in line to check out. I felt safe because of the lack of interaction with people. That is a sad way to think, but I am on the safety-first line of thinking right now. I called my spouse when I was near the house. He opened the garage door and I completed the routine of separating items to be quarantined and items to be cleaned and brought in the house. The follow up protocol was completed, and I was relieved to be home.

I had a quick bite to eat, played with my dog outside, and watered my plants. Back safe in my sanctuary, I was grateful that I only have to leave for my medical appointment once every week or so. I have no idea when/if I shall feel like being around others again. I am not a fan of this new normal. I miss being with people. I am grateful that I have family and friends I can communicate with virtually.

I read my novel for some time before taking a nap. I am thankful that my brain is functioning enough to read again. I love reading. It makes me feel like my life is quasi normal.

As I battle the downer beast, I need to stay aware of the good things. I am searching for the joys in my life.

I enjoy talking to friends. I enjoy my yard. I enjoy reading. I enjoy my dog. I enjoy cooking comfort foods. I enjoy my tidy house. I enjoy purging unneeded items. I enjoy blogging. I enjoy reading blogs. I enjoy thinking about the future. I enjoy searching ancestry. I enjoy writing cards. I enjoy listening to podcasts. I enjoy music. I enjoy my artwork. I enjoy the weather when it isn’t too hot. I enjoy my life.

8 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. Interesting. I went out with my husband on Wednesday afternoon to get our taxes done, which for some odd confusing reason took a while. Afterward, we went to Target to get needed items. I took a nap after I got home because, being nocturnal, I had not slept through the day until late afternoon due to the tax appointment. But I am who I am and I hate having to change my natural schedule, but were it not for compromise, I would not function in society.

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  2. I feel I’ve been programmed to be aware of people approaching, taking avoidance action, keeping a safe distance. I do worry about how easy it will be to go back to ‘normal’ when this is finally over.

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  3. Going out is overrated right now, but I, like you, will venture out if I feel safe and can keep my distance. The world is spinning way too fast. I am thankful I live in a rural community. It is indeed a strange world we are existing in.

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