Fibbin Friday – May 22


Today is Di’s turn to host “Fibbin’ Friday”.   

The questions are:


1. How big was the one that got away? ten times larger than the one I caught/

2. What comes after a storm? if it’s here in California, a heat wave, then an earthquake

3. Why do fish swim? to get to the other side of the lake

4. What color is grass? it depends on what it is baked in

5. What’s over the hill? all the lifers in politics (sorry not a fib)

6. What is the color of money?  the bills I print in my basement are a lovely shade of green

7. What do goats, pigs and roosters have in common?  they all have difficulty getting through my doggie door

8. Who lives in the woods? the off gridders hiding from the Martians


9. What does an ill wind bring? gnats they get tangled in your hair because you questioned the need for a hat

10. What is a windfall? a family gathering after a huge dinner of chili and garlic bread

16 thoughts on “Fibbin Friday – May 22

  1. These are great answers. I’ll check in the pingback as I thought I’d got them all yesterday.
    I have to approve them manually so it might be me accessing late. Are you in the UK? If not, could be the time difference for me to see it. Don’t worry.


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