Riddikky Season 2 Game 4 Just 5 Questions – Updated with Tattoos


 from Rory at A Guy Called Bloke

What do you define as ‘true passion’ and have you found it yet? I had high hopes of fulfilling my true passion since I was in second grade. I wanted to become a teacher. I tutored younger kids while in elementary school, I was a paid aide in high school, and then worked in a private school before finishing my degree. After three years in private school I became a teacher in public school. I retired in June of last year after 35 years doing what was my true passion. Now the question is what will my next true passion be?

Everyone has something that overwhelms them …. what overwhelms you and how do you tackle it when it happens?  I still get overwhelmed when I pay my bills each month. It stresses me from all the early years when there was more month after the money ran out. When my children were young, I was always in fear of bill paying time. I set up a reward system for myself later when money wasn’t as much of an issue. If I paid the bills by the 4th, I got flowers. It was nothing extravagant but a reward.

What did you used to take for granted but now, no longer do that? I used to take the ability to come and go as I please for granted. Now I fear leaving my house and gratefully I have only left three times in three months.

Are you ‘inked?’ [Have a tattoo] – if so, how many and if you can say where – where – and what made you want to express in that way and if not have you ever considered being inked and if not – why not? I got my first tattoo at 65. It is a black butterfly with a purple ribbon as the body. The butterfly represents my mom. The ribbon represents my fibromyalgia. In the wings are the 4 initials of my grandchildren. Below the butterfly it says past, present, and future in Hebrew. This one is on my right shoulder.

A month later as my retirement gift to myself, I got my 2nd and last tattoo. It is a large dandelion with books and school supplies on each of the outer stems. The inner ones have paw prints for my love of dogs. The center has a Star of David. This tattoo represents the things that give meaning to my life. This one is on my left shoulder.

98129412_10156909947996290_1116053123085893632_n 97721463_10156909950581290_56693143105437696_n

In light of our current situation – how do you perceive the world to look in the next five years? I can’t even imagine what the world will look like in five years. My only hope is that I and all my loved ones will still be here and will be hugging each other to our heart’s content.  


5 thoughts on “Riddikky Season 2 Game 4 Just 5 Questions – Updated with Tattoos

      1. Hey Lauren , first great to make your acquaintance so thank you for your name – sometimes that is the way though isn’t it … we never think we are ‘that’ person till we become ‘that very person’ 🙂

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