#FOWC – Photograph


My blog today is for Fandango’s One Word Challenge (FOWC)photograph.

It’s almost 3:30 AM and I am awake once again. I enjoy going to Reader to see what others are writing about. Fandango’s One Word Challenge appeared, and the word feels like it was meant for me today. 

My dear friend Maggie nominated me for a challenge of posting one photograph a day without an explanation. It is a mom/grandma challenge. It was good to see my life as it progressed as a Mom. I could easily continue for a long time. I would have trouble continuing to nominate women I feel would participate though.

97240815_10156879423321290_3436032884010385408_o     96943065_10156880408636290_8167034558504501248_o

96804609_10156883693581290_1256680308091125760_o 32446766_10155214182586290_3304276636127461376_n

96761338_10156889450846290_8301175243381145600_n 96806725_10156890259946290_1723862042818904064_o

97149492_10156894639261290_8789104466172313600_o 96535176_10156897712051290_1061709885437116416_n

97455446_10156899031231290_6615907613475340288_n 98581161_10156899035571290_6037410475442962432_o





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