Share Your World – May 11


Melanie hosts Share Your World.


  1. I asked this on an award thingie I was nominated for, and I got such interesting responses, I thought I’d ask it on Share Your World too:  Do you have a favorite kind of tree?  My favorite tree is a jacaranda. As I love all things purple, looking outside my window to the beautiful purple blossoms is a delight. 98132376-jacaranda-mimosifolia
  2. What bridges are you happy you burned? I can’t think of any bridges I am happy I burned. Usually separations come with pain attached and I wish there was a better way to end things.
  3. Would you sacrifice yourself (die) for a stranger? I probably would not sacrifice myself for a stranger. For my family, sure. For my loved ones, sure. For my students, when I was teaching sure. There is probably some circumstance where I might, but not off the top of my head.
  4. How have your priorities changed since the C-19 virus took over? My priority now, is survival. Being of the age of concern and having medical conditions that make survival less possible, I am protective of my exposure. 

Gratitude Section: Please feel free to share your gratitude!  During this troubling time, some positive input is sorely needed, so any memes, stories, photos, or anything else you find uplifting is welcome!   Please share!   Thanks!  

I am grateful for Amazon and the Post Office and their workers. As I do not wish to leave my house for my safety, I am grateful for the amazing people who deliver meds, books, and needed items.

5 thoughts on “Share Your World – May 11

  1. Thank you so much for participating in Share Your World this week! That jaracanda is GORGEOUS! I admit to being dim about the plant/tree – mistaking it for the wisteria, which isn’t even a tree! I love purple blossoms, how lucky you are to have them in your area! It’s far too cold and/or arid here to sustain them I bet. Burning bridges, for whatever reason, is never uplifting, although done for good reason now and then. Stay safe during this on-going virus mess. It’s scary out there!

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    1. My jacaranda is not as beautiful as the electric company has “trimmed” it from near the wires. I love anything purple so I’ll take what gifts the tree gives me.
      I agree to having to burn bridges, put usualy it is with pain.
      It is scary out there and I am hibernating for my safety.
      Thank you for commenting and for the Share Your World questions.


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