SoCS – Cave – What Day Is It Anyway? – May 9


Here is today’s  Stream of Consciousness Challenge: from Linda. Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “cave.” Use it as a noun or a verb. 

I wasn’t sure what day it was when I awoke today. For some reason I thought it was Sunday, Mother’s Day. I was convinced I had to get some things ready for the day. I was sad because I know Mother’s Day will not be any sort of normal. It is still strange to not know what day it is. When I started reading blogs this morning, I was happily greeted with many SoCS posts. I always try to read someone new on Saturday especially. I again discovered some new blogs that interest me.

Back to the SoCS topic. I had a multitude of thoughts about caves. So here goes.

  1. My first go to was Maggie’s blog title, From Cave Walls. If I think of caves I think of the wonderful woman who has changed my life for the better.
  2. I remember being in an underground tunnel as a kid when, he who shall not be named, caved in the entrance. (Insert onset of claustrophobia.)
  3. I went on an excursion into some caves as an adult. I assumed the group’s positive energy would make my fears subside. It did not. Enter a panic attack.
  4. I loved teaching about caves. The wonderful videos I was able to show enthralled me which in turn made my students enjoy the topic. After all who doesn’t love learning about stalactites and stalagmites?  1200px-Labeled_speleothems
  5. When I learned about the caves in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico that held the giant crystals, I knew I had to add them to my curriculum. crystals
  6. Tom Sawyer’s Island at Disneyland has/had tunnels that I was sure would lead to caves. I made sure never to enter unless I could see light within moments of entering. 
  7. I love having chocolate lava cake right after the top caves in and the gooey chocolate oozes out. lava-cake-gawker-1-1
  8. I am not fond of having to cave into things that I don’t respect. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but I sure do cringe when it does.
  9. I understand that bears like to winter in caves for the protection. Sometimes my spirits like to hide in a metaphorical cave when I cannot deal with my circumstances.
  10. I sometimes wonder if exposure therapy would benefit me to eliminate my fear of caves. Then I wonder why at this point in my life it matters that they scare me.

14 thoughts on “SoCS – Cave – What Day Is It Anyway? – May 9

  1. I’m so impressed by the writing prompts that you and Maggie respond to!

    I love the diversity of responses that you included in your piece.

    Caves are an interesting one; such fun to have taught about them.

    I’m pretty claustrophobic, too – caves haven’t ever appealed to me, unless they’re VERY large and airy. I’m glad to say I managed to swim through one, holding a candle, some years ago. It was only (barely) tolerable because of the fresh air flowing through. There were several young Japanese tourists who totally lost it (there was an icky bit where you had to crawl through a narrow opening).

    Ha, I managed that, I thought, although I was petrified. I even jumped off a very high swimming platform on that same tour — I’m sure you may have seen what I’ve written about that before. I felt very empowered and brave. Hmm.

    The strange oddities of daily life are curious now — I couldn’t remember if was Friday or Saturday this morning. I’m actually rather thankful for my paper calendar, with its small commitments for Zoom programs and classes to teach. It helps me keep a small rhythm to the week.

    Sending good energy!

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    1. Thanks Lisa. I find that the prompts often get my mind moving. I also take the opportunity to read blogs of other people that respond to the prompt. It is a win, win for me.

      I was successful going into a couple of very large caves, but it was in no way enjoyable. You are so brace to do something that petrified you. I do not have that kind of courage.

      I actually have multiple calendars because I purchased them as gifts in January and never got to mail them off. I suppose I should use one to keep track of the day. I strangely more often know the date than the day. I guess I have my phone to thank for that.

      Thank you for the energy. I’ll accept all the good mojo sent my way.


  2. That crystal cave is fantastic! If you ever try exposure therapy, take small steps with all the time you need and reward yourself with chocolate lava cake! 🙂

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  3. If I got anywhere near that crystal filled cave I would probably vibrate into an out of body experience! I can feel the energy just looking at the picture.

    Lava cakes are best a la mode.

    I got right away that your aversion to caves was from a previous life. I can text you the details privately if you like.

    Lovely post.

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  4. Oh man, there’s not enough money in the world to make me head back into a cave. Almost had a complete breakdown passing through a cave/tunnel that narrowed down to a VERY small area in the center. Yikes.

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  5. A good response to the prompt…I could eat that Lava cake it looks delicious…As for caves I have ventured into some but crawling about caves through small gaps especially if any water is involved…I draw that line very firmly…and if there were bats…sigh…Why would you?

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