Wednesday Wellness


It’s all in how you look at it. Credit:

Today was filled with wellness and it is only early afternoon. The Melatonin I am taking to help sleep is doing too good a job. I am sleeping too much and still groggy when I do wake. I am grateful for the sleep. I know I can work out the dosage to best fit my needs.

Promptly at 6 this morning Annie arrived at my bed with a toy ready to go outside and play. I pet her and tried to explain that I wasn’t able to get up quite yet. She doesn’t take no for an answer well and kept dropping her toy on the edge of the bed. I laughed at her antics but went back to sleep.

She came back later and dropped another toy on the bed. This time it was her brown poop emoji toy. A six-inch pile of poop toy is alarming sometimes. I think she is trying to make me jump when she drops it on the bed. It used to be her favorite toy, but once it was washed it no longer made noise. She does go to it on occasion. She was not taking no for an answer this time.

We went outside and played for an hour. She makes me laugh when she runs after the toys. Lately she goes to her bucket of toys and gets another one to play with after I have thrown the one she returned. When the yard is filled with seven or eight of her toys she jumps on the swing and wants to be cuddled. (I wonder if she can learn to put them away as well as she can remove them from her bucket.)

After our playtime, I watered my planters. We are experiencing record breaking temperatures locally. It is supposed to be 100 degrees by tomorrow. The average high in May is 76 degrees, so this is one more anomaly to deal with. I was thrilled at the wildlife that came to my garden once I was finished watering. Two hummingbirds appeared as well as multiple butterflies and birds. Viewing nature brings me joy. I smiled watching the birds who seemed to not be stressed by my dog. She doesn’t chase the birds, which is different from my prior pups. Now when she sees a lizard, that is another story. Gratefully, they are usually faster than she is.

After watering the lower yard planters, I enjoyed the last of the morning breeze. I am grateful for my yard as a means of escaping the confines of the house. I listened to three uplifting podcasts while still outside. I am grateful that so many people are giving of their time and energy to assist the public while confined. As noon arrived, the temperature was climbing. I knew I had to retreat to my house. My body doesn’t do well in extreme heat.

After eating brunch, I listened to Melissa Ethridge’s home concert from yesterday. She is graciously performing a free live concert from her home every day at 3:00 Pacific time. Yesterday was day 51. (That number is ominous to think about.) I am grateful that every time I listen to her concerts my spirits are lifted. She tells the stories behind the songs which makes the connection even stronger. She has had up to 7K people watching live from all over the world. I know it will be quite some time before real concerts are possible again. I did order a t-shirt and CD from her site in support.

I have ME’s concert to look forward to this afternoon. I have a book to read this evening. I have a telemedical appointment also. All these things are signs that I have more involvement with a normal life. I am appreciating the sense of wellness and normalcy. I know that, this new normal will continue for quite a long time for me. I will do what I need to do to protect myself. I will continue to experience gratitude and look for joy.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wellness

  1. Your day sounded so peaceful and relaxing. We are experiencing another. Cool snap again. Our low dropped back down to 46 last night. Made our morning walk a little glad you are progressing so well. ❤️

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