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It is Saturday which means SoCS time. Linda has given us a prompt today that I am trying to wrap my head around. But as it is supposed to be a stream of consciousness, I will just go witht the flow. Make sure you visit her site here to check out all the guidelines.

The adult Lauren welcomes the knowledge that the flu is leaving her body. I am so glad that the bathroom is not my primary place of residence right now. I have learned that I need to take special care of my health. My inner child remembers the trauma from the ruptured appendix at twelve that almost took my life.

The adult Lauren welcomes the lowering of my pain levels from the shingles. I have learned that mornings are the best for me. I need to try to do something joyful in the mornings before my energy wanes. My inner child wants to be hugged because she is tired of being in pain.

The adult Lauren welcomes the love from people who truly care about me. When I am holding on to emotional pain or physical pain others refocus me. I have learned that I am not alone in any of this.  My inner child did not feel anyone cared or wanted to help.

The adult Lauren welcomes the guidance from my mentor. She helped me reframe the anger I was feeling toward someone. She reminded me that I have no control how others act or behave. I can choose to not have mean people in my life. My inner child never had people she could share her angst with.

The adult Lauren welcomes the opportunity to practice self-care. I have learned that when I feed myself well, allow myself to sleep when I can, and distance those that hurt me I am a happier person. My inner child didn’t have choices to do what was best for her.

The adult Lauren welcomes the rain as well as the sunshine. I know that the sun makes me feel better. I know that the rain cleans the air and makes the garden I love grow.  I have learned that if the rain does not go on endlessly my SAD does not kick into gear. My inner child hated the rain because it meant I had to stay indoors and endure the harassment from my older brother.

The adult Lauren welcomes love from my empathetic dog. I know that she is aware of my feelings and runs to comfort me. I have learned that just as people are different with different strengths, so are pets. My inner child never had a pet that was hers. The house was filled with dogs and cats, but none spoke to me like they do now.

The adult Lauren welcomes the connections via technology. I know that even though I cannot touch my loved ones, they are so very close. I have learned that I can send and receive love via texts, phone calls, and emails. My inner child felt isolation most of her life.

The adult Lauren welcomes receiving and sending snail mail from friends. It seems so simple that a card or note means so much. I have learned that the act of physically sending something through the mail means you took that extra step to show you care. My inner child rarely was gifted with mail. My dear aunt, now no longer in this realm, often sent a book with a note for my birthday. Books were too expensive to be purchased so the gift was a loving one.

The adult Lauren welcomes her trust in the universe. I believe that we shall overcome the current crisis if people listen to those who are actually “in the know.” I have learned how to be practical with supplies and needs. My inner child faced many times of lack and wondered if her life would ever change.

I welcome the opportunity to blog my thoughts, feelings, and fears. I enjoy this outlet to keep my head on straight.

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