Judy D-B’s Monday Challenge – March 16

https://judydykstrabrown.com/2020/03/15/something-to-pasbest s-the-time-while-in-isolation/

Melanie had this prompt from Judy on her blog today. Like Melanie, I am self isolating. I am one of the “at risk” people for age and health concerns. I am doing my best to stay healty in mind and body.

From Melanie’s blog = Judy writes “Please look on your camera or in your photos folder on your computer or phone and publish the last picture you took to your blog page and then link it to the comments on this page of mine!  No explanations necessary. Be sure to publish a link to my blog post in your blog so others can see all the photos and play along.”



Go here to see other’s entries.


12 thoughts on “Judy D-B’s Monday Challenge – March 16

      1. Now I see them Lauren! Adorable photo of your dog who looks a bit like my dog Diego!!! Whatever you did, you did correctly, but I can’t find any place on your blog to make comments. What am I overlooking?

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