#FFE – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Fandango’s February Expressions #24

Sometimes it is a negative to read someone else’s blog before adding to my own. I often have similar thoughts with others and the last thing I want to do is copy an idea. I know I should respond before reading the many other bloggers.

I read Melanie’s post here. I was amused by how similar some of our experiences and thoughts are.  She did an amazing job of finding and documenting the origin of the phrase. As I am working on little sleep, I will stick to my take on the topic of sleep.

I haven’t ever been a good sleeper. I remember at 12 when I was in the hospital for a ruptured appendix and then complications from it. I was in isolation for over a month. I would be woken every three hours to give me pain meds and sleeping meds. At the time I was still unable to swallow pills from a trauma at 3. (I overdosed on baby aspirin and it took four people to hold me down while they shoved tubes down my nose and throat.)

While in the hospital, I don’t think I slept more than one hour at a time. The noises in a hospital are unnerving to say the least. I often would cry when they woke me to give me meds. I was so tired and in pain and depressed. I do remember asking why they woke me to give me meds to go to sleep and when would lie there wide-awake meds were never offered. It made no sense to me.

Parenting is a definite instigator of sleep deprivation. How many nights does apparent lose sleep because their child is well, ill, out of sorts, not drowsy, etc. Adding to the demands of parenting were my obligations of being a college student, a room mom, a brownie leader, and a children’s church instructor, and then a teacher in a private school. If I slept more than four hours a night, it was a miracle. I would often pull all nighters.

Things didn’t change much after getting my teaching career started. I had my own teenagers and all the “fun” involved with that. I also taught many students with even more personalities and demands. Sleeping continued to be an elusive goal.

I had the foolish idea that once I retired, I would get more sleep. While I can now indulge in naps, without guilt, I still don’t sleep much at night.

If for some crazy reason I am sleeping, PLEASE DO NOT WAKE ME. Let me enjoy whatever rest I am getting. Let this sleeping dog lie.



5 thoughts on “#FFE – Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

  1. I still remember the shock when our son was born of discovering the baby books had lied when they said in the first few weeks babies sleep most of the time. Mine did not – he seemed to think sleeping was time wasted.

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