JusJoJan – Goals And Intentions for Jan. 5 – A Day Late


Faye Therborne gifted Linda with this prompt. It is fitting and welcome this time of year. As suggested, I went and read Faye’s post. It was lovely. I am always eager to find new blogs to read. 

I do not write resolutions. I haven’t done so in many years. I do like to set intentions as an ongoing system of growth. I start new things all the time, not just in January.  I re-evaluate what is and is not working for me.

Linda talks about procrastination. I am a genius at procrastinating. I can make up dozens of reasons why I should or should not do something that I planned on doing. It is not that I do nothing, I just do things while skipping others.

I realized recently that I am on intention overload. I intend on doing my daily meditation, my journaling, my gratitude list, my writing, my blogging, my prayers, my search for new programs, my search for ways to reduce stress, my ways to reduce pain,  my personal growth, my Judaic spiritual growth, my meal planning, my exercising, my grounding, my cleaning, my sewing, my decluttering, my Udemy classes, my reading, my commitment to sending snail mail, my need for better relationships, etc., etc.

I want to do everything. I want to continue to grow in so many areas. I have more emails daily than any normal person can read and digest. I often hesitate to delete some that I know will give me a needed push in one area or another.

So, after the grandkids left today, I went through the 288 new emails added since two days ago. I sorted some necessary ones into folders. I deleted any that asked me to buy something. I perused ones that had meaning. I enjoyed ones that led me places of knowledge.

I am working on making better choices with my time. I need to be much more selective. I do love it when something unexpected speaks to me. Tonight, it was a newsletter from Rabbi Jill Zimmerman. Multiple parts of her blog were awe inspiring. Her entire newsletter is here. 

What I needed to see and hear today was her guided meditation on self-compassion. Instead of saving the post I allowed myself to not procrastinate and just enjoy the wonderful guided meditation.

She wrote:

Lovingkindness (chesed) Meditation for self-compassion & healing. Chesed is the Hebrew word for lovingkindness. The “high priests” in Jewish tradition bless the community with well-being. In this meditation, we bless ourselves, we receive and give blessings: May I feel safe, May I feel content, May I feel strong, May I feel worthy.

Lovingkindness (Chesed) Practice For Self by Rabbi Jill Zimmerman

I am grateful for the multitude of options before me.

Check the following link to see what the JusJoJan is all about.  https://lindaghill.com/2020/01/05/daily-prompt-jusjojan-the-5th-2020/



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