Share Your World – December 30

sywnewyearbanner-copy.jpgMelanie has provided some thought provoking questions today. I had some immediate responses to some. Others required more thought and contemplation. To participate in the challenge go here to see all the details.



What was the single best thing that happened in your life this past year? This June I retired after 35 years of teaching in public schools.

The most challenging? In August I was diagnoised with IC.

One thing you learned in 2019? I learned I am a strong woman who needs to take care of herself when some let me down and I need to allow some special people in my life support me emotionally.

Given all your experiences, insights, and lessons learned in 2019, what’s the best advice you could give yourself for 2020? The best advice I would give myself is to not allow people to inflict harm if there is any way to prevent it.

What’s the best meal/food you ate in 2019?  



The most appealing food I ate this year would have to be tacos from my favorite hole in the wall establishment. I had to wait six months before I felt it was safe to try and eat a forbidden food.



What are three activities you plan to use in the coming year to relieve stress? I hope to continue to sew, get manicures, and spend time in my garden as stress reducers.

Gratitude Question:



What brought you the most joy and are you going to do more of that? Sewing brought me joy. Making things for others makes me happy. I hope to do more of that throughout this next year.



Any resolutions you’d care to share? The  resolution I have for next year is to leave a relationship that is causing me saddness and to continue relationships that bring me joy.

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