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Linda Hill’s stream of consciousness makes my Saturday blog different than my norm.              

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As is my usual goal I attempt to join my blog topic with her parameters.

This is the last Saturday of the year. Holy crud what a year it has been. I have lived three lives at least this year. Is it any wonder I am in a state of metamorphosis?

This year I sought out and received all the information I needed to make an informed decision about retirement. I evaluated the pros and cons of leaving my comfort zone. I debated if it was in my best interest, given the new knowledge I acquired, to leave my job. I survived all the obstacles put in front of me. I made my decision and retired from a job I loved for 35 years. I am grateful for my choice. I would have been in dire straights had I not retired when the next change happened.

 I was ready to begin a new life, with new joys and tons of free time. I am grateful for the energy I had to accomplish all that I did. I spent a couple of months finishing up many household tasks in the hopes of starting the school year with nothing but fun tasks ahead.

Two months post retirement I was in such pain I wondered why I was dealt such a horrible fate. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease that changed my life. I fought for remission by following all the advice given by multiple people. Angels from a friend helped me so much. I still struggle with pain, but it is so reduced, it is manageable most of the time. I am grateful for those who guided and helped me to not fall into a hole of depression.

With pain levels under control, I went on the first retreat of my life. It was amazing to grow and bond with wonderful women. It made me think about my future dreams. It allowed me to grow toward who I want to be. I am grateful for the guidance and friendships that grew from the experience.

I had a great deal of hair loss due to one of my new medications. The medication lowered my pain levels which made the hair loss unimportant. I decided to color my hair purple to celebrate the change of lifestyle as well as to cover the hair loss. I am grateful I finally went purple as I had dreamed of doing so for a very long time.

I sought out and found multiple “non customary” methods of pain reduction. I am grateful for friends who helped guide me on this path. I am so happy that my acupuncture and chiropractor appointments are part of my health recovery. I need to constantly remind myself that, just as when your body needs nourishment you feed it, when your body is in pain you help it.

Things physically settled down this last month of the year. Most days I can maintain my “normal” life. I am not quite sure of why, but I finally decided I am not willing to stay in a toxic situation any longer. The new year will bring changes that are long overdue. I have lived at least three lifetimes this year.

Next year will be better. As I enter the new year, the new decade, my new life, I will find peace. I will seek joy. I will grow intellectually and spiritually. It will be time for me. I will move through fear towards happiness. I am grateful for G-d helping me with the strength to take the difficult steps I need.  


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