Practicing Gratitude – Last Night of Hanukkah – A Day of 10 on My Joy Scale

I am responsible for my own happiness. I am responsible to find joy in the face of sadness. I am responsible for stretching my comfort zone. I am now realizing how much I need to review my options in order to find peace. When someone wants to make you join in their anger and sadness you need to evaluate whether or not that is a decision that is good for you. I don’t want to accept anyone else’s foul mood.

I have been in a great deal of pain lately. I am doing what I can to lower my pain levels. I know that I need to jump on any opportunity to expand my world when the pain subsides. I contacted my daughter this morning to see if she is feeling better. She told me she was. I did a quick analysis of my pain levels to decide if I felt I could make the long drive to her house by myself.

I am not a freeway driver. It is a 1 on my level of joy. However, seeing my grandkids is a 10 on my joy scale. I knew the joy in sharing family time was more important than my discomfort in freeway time.  I drove to get a few last gift cards I wanted to add to the homemade presents I made the kids.

I bought them each a new pillow. Then I made them personalized pillowcases and a throw pillow to match. I also made them a rice filled neck warmer bag and a bowl cozy. Each child had a specific theme or color scheme that I felt appropriate for them. I purchased a new bath towel for each of them. I added different Zs to further personalize their gifts. I realize these are far more practical than fun gifts. I wanted to make memories for this Hanukkah, and this is how I decided to do so.

I added candy canes, a box of special treats, a See’s lollipop, two gift cards, and a small item for each child. I still remember what it is like to be a kid. Whatever they may have felt about my choices, they respectfully thanked me and started consuming the candy ASAP. The older ones started discussing what they might purchase. I will take the day as a win. I am grateful for their presence in my life. I love all my grandchildren dearly.

My daughter and I looked over the task she still has to unpack her garage. She is feeling overwhelmed. It is difficult to downsize your home. I pointed out how much she has accomplished and offered a few suggestions as to how to complete the task. She seemed a little less stressed after our discussion.

I left her house in the hopes of making it home before dark. My night vision is not the best and safety is very important to me. Thank goodness for Google maps. I made it home with a few minutes to spare before total darkness. I was able to light my Hanukkah candles. I am grateful for an exhausting love filled day.


From my daughter tonight, “I asked Zakai if he liked his “practical handmade gifts” and he said what does practical mean…I said things you can use but may not have asked for….he said oh no….these are great gifts and I would totally ask for them! 😄❤️ He said he especially loves how you made his towel! Now we are heading out to the store so he can use his bowl cozy for ice cream!”


I have so much to be grateful for. I will not allow others to take away my joy.

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