Practicing Gratitude – Day Three Of Hanukkah



I love to learn more about my religion. I have more time at this stage of my life to devote to gaining understanding. I feel like I need to know so much more. Tonight was the third night of Hanukkah. I am again celebrating in peaceful solitude.


When my worlds collide I am grateful. Today I had anotherconnecting  experience.  I am happy when I practice meditation so today when I read an email from Rabbi Jill Zimmerman, I felt connected in two worlds. The entire post is here. The rabbi takes you through step by step, to make the candle lighting much more meaningful and purposeful.  I want to add this short meditation to my Hanukkah practice tomorrow night.   

I appreciate the idea of letting light into my world. The rabbi posted questions to reflect on after the lights diminish.

  • What did the darkness feel like?
  • What did you notice about the flames themselves?
  • What came up for you as the candles were lit one after another and the light grew?  How did it feel when the candles burned down and the darkness came again?  Does it feel different than the original darkness?
  • Where in your life does light grow? Who is a candle for you?
  • How can you be a candle in your own life or the life of others?

I can imagine adding one or two of these each night to make the experience more meaningful. I am grateful for the ability to learn, experience, and move toward happiness.

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