Practicing Gratitude – Thoughts on Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day. I stayed home and did a few things around the house. I sanded and oiled my dining room table. It has been way to long since I last did it. I had to complete the chore in the house because I can’t move the table by myself. This made for a smelly house. 

 It always seems to take so much more time returning things to where they belong than getting them and using them. I put away a hammer, screwdrivers, the drill, sanding tools, the Danish Oil Finish, the buffing cloths, the vacuum cleaner, and tons of trash.

Then my day moved to things that feed my soul. I watched Martha Beck on her weekly call. It is always so meaningful to me. Later, I joined in a zoom call from SARK SWW. There were four of us on the dessert call for most of the time. Then a fifth woman joined us. These calls are meant to allow members of SWW to get to know each other. We talk about whatever we feel like. In this case we talked about where we live and how long we have been members of SARK. We also discussed grounding with the earth as well as grounding in ourselves emotionally. The third call of the day was with my dear friend M. We are friends on different sides of the US who stay in contact via the phone as well as zoom calls.  Sadly, our third member was unable to join us for the call. I am blessed by the contact I have with others who are not near me. I am grateful for the screen time I use to comfort and connect my soul.

I wanted to continue working on my sewing project but instead I wasted time on my computer watching Netflix. My computer was used yesterday to connect with others I hold dear. My computer was also used to veg out and waste time. I am grateful I can use the screen time for whatever I feel like. Yesterday was a good day.


2 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – Thoughts on Yesterday

  1. Sounds like an excellent day, indeed! I’m impressed by the sanding and oiling of your table (my hands hurt just thinking about it, not to mention I don’t have a sander).

    I recently managed to get a local woodworker to refinish my beautiful old cutting board, which was sorely in need of sanding to remove the final edges of finish, so I can just use oil on it.

    After saying he didn’t do that kind of work, he agreed to do so (I had tried to be especially nice, so perhaps he took pity on me — I had said I had tried to sand it with sanding paper – THAT didn’t work…)

    He sells beautiful cutting boards and other wood objects at a local tailgate market; I had bought one for our cottage in Bic, to replace two that I don’t like (one too small and one too big, and neither particularly attractive), so I was a customer…

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