Practicing Gratitude – Yesterday

Yesterday was a very sad day. The news of a yet another high school shooting was devastating. The news evoked such deep sadness. The teens in the quad beginning their day, going about their business, and forever being changed. I try to avoid the news most of the time. It is so depressing. I was having an easy day until I saw what happened.

I remember all the active shooter drills we had while I was teaching. It was a necessary evil to be trained in different levels of threats. I don’t miss the worrying for all my students. I do still worry for all the teens and students in harms way.  They are all innocent kids trying to live a happy life.

A friend of mine has grandkids at the high school. Her grandson was 20 feet away from the shooter when he started his rampage. He was friends with the students whose lives were taken. My friend’s granddaughter was in the band room where a victim ran to for safety. The choir teacher did her best to calm all the students and aid the victim. What angst was the 15-year-old going through that made him shoot at innocent teens. His decision to spend his birthday by killing others and then himself makes no sense.

There were many heroes yesterday. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone on campus did what they were supposed to do to try to protect the kids. No matter how many trainings and practice drills you have, you move on adrenaline when necessary. The interviews with the teens afterwards made me cry. They will never be the same.

I don’t want to misquote the student, but one young lady said something to the effect of… stop arguing about guns and start protecting us. How can that not bring any sane person to tears.

 I am grateful that there were not more lives lost yesterday. How sad is that?

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