Share Your World – Nov. 11


Guidelines are here.

Please read and enjoy other’s responses.




  1. Is copying and pasting images or information off the Internet plagiarism?   Do you credit those whose work you ‘borrow freely’ or do you think the idea is repugnant?   (Credit for this question goes to GC and Sue)                                            If I copying images that have credits, I leave the credits. If there are none I assume they are free to copy. If I get information from the internet, I refer to where it came from.
  2. Do you let sleeping dogs lie? It depends. If there are issues out of my circle of infuence, I try to let it go.
  3. What’s the strangest pet name (for adults) that you’ve ever heard someone called? I knew a couple who called each other moon (from I love you to the moon) and back ( from the moon and back again). It was strange hearng moon and back as their names.
  4. Do you like to dance?   If yes, what’s your favorite and if no, why not? I do not dance. I have never. Before marrying my now spouse and I took dance classes in salsa and ballroom styles. We were so bad the instructor asked us to stop coming after 5 ot 6 classes. It affirmed my belief that I have two left feet.


Gratitude Question:

November brings Thanksgiving to Americans.  I know Canada celebrates Thanksgiving too, but I believe it’s in October.   Does your country celebrate a similar holiday?   If you’d like, share some traditions you observe around Thanksgiving or if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, what are some traditions you have? I love Thanksgiving. It is much better than the gift giving holidays. It is a gift of time and love and family. We always have matzo ball soup, one or two turkeys, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cold veggies, hot veggies, and of course chocolate desserts. Chocolate is a part of our traditions as we are all chocoholics. This year Thanksgiving falls on my aunt’s birthday. She will be 94. My spouse will drive an hour and a half to pick her up. Then he will drive the hour and a half back for dinner. After dinner he will repeat the run. I am very grateful that he will do this to bring her to our home to spend the holday with us.


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