Practicing Gratitude – Crazy Day

I had a crazy experience today. I used the ATM at my bank. Then I wanted to look for something in the store next door. My spouse got the car and brought it closer. He drove to the handicapped spot.  I did not find what I wanted in the store so I left to see why my husband had not come in to meet me. I came outside to find a crazed man screaming at my spouse. I asked what had happened and asked why the crazed man was screaming at my spouse. The crazed man was dropping f bombs left and right. Thankfully my spouse kept his cool. The crazed man was parked in the No Parking blue lined handicapped spot. My spouse could not get out of our car because the man was parked too close. I asked the guy why he was parked right on top of the No Parking spot. He then screamed at me and asked if I was the f ing (he used the whole word repeatedly) parking police. He then said he wanted to be in the shade so we had no business taking the real spot. He then screamed that maybe he can’t read English. He saw my star of David necklace and screamed maybe he only reads Hebrew. He screamed at us to leave the handicapped spot so he didn’t have to move his car. My spouse asked if he should call the police because the guy was so erratic. I was tempted to take his picture but he was so crazed I feared for our safety. My spouse asked what I wanted to do and I told him we should just leave. We left the parking lot.  It was not a good expeerience. I am grateful we are safe.

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