Song Lyric Sunday –

song-lyric-sunday-1.png There is a fun new banner for this challenge from Jim Adams.

I completed my blog earlier and hit publish and it disappeared. I don’t know why, but I am attempting to rewrite the blog.

The rules are here.


This week the prompt is Lost/Found/Hide/Seek.  My song of choice is You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away by the Beatles.


“You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”

Here I stand head in hand
Turn my face to the wall
If she’s gone I can’t go on
Feeling two-foot smallEverywhere people stare
Each and every day
I can see them laugh at me
And I hear them say

Hey you’ve got to hide your love away
Hey you’ve got to hide your love away

How can I even try
I can never win
Hearing them, seeing them
In the state I’m in

How could she say to me
Love will find a way
Gather round all you clowns
Let me hear you say

Hey you’ve got to hide your love away
Hey you’ve got to hide your love away

Some facts I found were interesting:
John Lennon said about the time when he wrote this song, “I think it was [Bob] Dylan helped me realize that—not by any discussion or anything but just by hearing his work—I had a sort of professional songwriter’s attitude to writing pop songs.” He added, “Then I started being me about the songs, not writing them objectively, but subjectively.”
This song is the first of The Beatles’ records where session musicians took part: they played flutes between Lennon’s vocals.
The line in the lyrics “feeling two-foot small” should’ve sounded “feeling two-foot tall”, but John Lennon sang “small” by mistake and decided to keep it. 
One source said that the song was written as a tribute to their gay manager who unable to discuss sexuality. 
The song came out in 1965 on the Help album. I was given the album in 1968 as a birthday gift. It was in my possession until the late 1990’s. I will always keep my Beatles songs as my go to for music. 

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