Practicing Gratitude – October 16

It is 4 something in the morning. I always get anxious traveling by air. I worry I won’t be able to print my ticket. I worry I won’t make my flight on time. I worry I will struggle at the airport. I worry about discomfort on the plane. I worry about people wearing perfume near me. I worry about my breathing issues. I worry about not having water and/or being able to use the restroom. I am a worrier.

I already got in to my account, after a little difficulty. I saved my tickets as a PDF. I sent them to my spouse to print later when he gets to school. I have my luggage packed.  I have my meds packed.  I have some snacks packed. I am experiencing less anxiety than normal this morning. I have nothing that MUST be done today. I do not have wordpress on my phone so I shall probably not be blogging while at my retreat.

I am looking forward to this trip. It is the culmination of many firsts. I am grateful for making it to this point. I am grateful for the support of family and friends. I am grateful for my higher power. I am grateful for the new experiences to come. I am in a good place.