Practicing Gratitude – October 15

I am grateful for this day. It has been so blissful.

I am grateful that my pain level is reduced to a manageable state.  I am grateful for 5 good hours of sleep last night. I am grateful Annie refuses to let me sleep in. I am grateful for getting so much done before my appointments this morning. My grounding, my meditation, and my prayers are all things that give me gratitude.

I am grateful I had an acupuncture session and a chiropractic adjustment today.  I am grateful that because I felt so well, I went and had a manicure afterwards. I am grateful I was able to get some groceries after my manicure. I am grateful I ran into an amazing man who first interviewed me 36 years ago at the school district. He is a humble man who sees good in everyone and extends his kindness to all. It was a gift to be able to speak with him. 

I am grateful I tried my repaired sewing machine and it worked for me. I was able to make a cover for my seat cushion.  I am grateful I am almost ready to go on the retreat I have been looking forward to since May.  I am grateful I have all the meds I need and I just have to pack them. I am grateful the weather will be pleasant for the retreat.   

I am grateful that while I did not get a nap, I rested this afternoon. I am grateful I made a yummy meal with allowed foods. I am grateful the carob powder arrived and I might make myself a treat tomorrow.

I am grateful that after completing all my activities,  I am still not in unbearable pain. I am grateful for all the joys in my life. 



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