Practicing Gratitude October 13

I have been joyfully practicing gratitude all day today. I was grateful for the ability to get back to sleep after many awakenings last night. My dog was not happy that I stayed in bed later than usual. She does not care if I did not get much sleep. She knows our routine is to get outside by 6:30 to play fetch. She acted like a crazy dog as I descended the stairs. She would not allow me to do any of my morning routine before I did her morning routine. I am grateful she has me so well trained.

I awoke physically tired from yesterday’s  adventure but not in any pain higher than a three. It had been a joyful get together with my aunt. She will be 94 this year and I appreciate all the times we get to spend time together.  She was among over one hundred evacuees from two different assisted living places. They were being treated well by the hotel and the assisted living employees. They were safe from the threat of fire and I was grateful to be able to visit.

I am grateful for my listening to my body and for its giving me some respite from pain. I made today a lazy day. I am grateful for the way I spent my day. I did some minor tidying around the house and played with Annie of course.

I packed my bag for the retreat and checked in with where my pain level was. I kept rejoicing in the remission I am experiencing. I am doing all I can to assist in my remission. I sought out a few items on Amazon that I hope to help me further towards less pain. 

I had some wonderful conversations with people I love and care about. I am a better person for having them in my life. When I feel safe to open up with people I am happier than when I feel the need to hide.

This year of blogging has been good for me. I have been changing and appreciating so many things that were part of my life but not always part of my awareness. I have so much to be grateful for every single day. 

I am grateful that I shall be joining friends soon to grow spiritually and share good times. I am grateful that I have arrived at this place in my life. I am grateful that I have been given 65 years on this planet, in this realm, with the love of many. I am grateful that I have taken some chances I never thought I would. I am grateful for what is to come.