Practicing Gratitude – One Liner Wednesday

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I had a variety of possibilities for this and then tonight I had to change my mind.







So tonight my spouse did me a favor and took my car to get gas for me. He was going to drop off the bills at the post office and I asked if he could gas up my car so I didn’t have to do it before my doc appointment. After getting gas while on his way to the post office a guy in a moving truck rear ended him. He is OK thankfully. My new car has damage to the bumper and probably shouldn’t be driven. He waited almost an hour for the sheriff to come and make a report.

I am grateful I didn’t get rid of my old car yet. I don’t know how long my new one will be in the shop. 😦

6 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude – One Liner Wednesday

  1. I am so sorry, Lauren. Thankfully J wasn’t hurt and selfishly glad you were not in the car either. I hope you get repairs done quickly and, hopefully, the guy that hit him had all the necessary insurance.

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    1. He was in a business truck. He had insurance. Once the police finally came a non-English speaker came out and said in broken English he was a witness. Which he was not. We told the insurance company all about it. The police officer said the guy obviously hit J from the back. The other driver tossed the bumper that fell off his truck but luckily the second officer found it and brought it back to the scene. Not at all on the up and up. J is OK. I was stressed out but I talked myself down. A car is replaceable and/or fixable.

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