Day 318 – Yippee Errands – There is always something to be grateful for.

This morning began early as usual. I watered the yards to help them survive the heat of the day. I ran a load of laundry so I would not be using electricity in the peak hours. Then I got a phone call from my spouse saying he needed more insulin. He had run out and was worried about his health. I dropped what I was doing and showered to get out the door quickly and deliver his medicine.

Much to my sheer delight I was in less pain today than I have been in weeks. Still feeling pressure and discomfort, but the extreme pain is lessened. I will take any steps toward well being. I am very grateful for this little movement. 

I decided as long as I was out and about, I should try and get some errands done. I purchased the paint I needed, a plant I wanted, some kitchen items, and miscellaneous necessities. I decided to push it and go to a second store for more items. On my way home I bought a few groceries so my spouse would not have to shop after his dentist appointment. I was grateful for getting so much done and making it out of the house.

I knew I pushed it too far. I came home and couldn’t get up the energy to put things away. I managed to put away the refrigerator items and then crashed on the couch. Gratefully most things were put away later in the day.

I managed to catch the SARK pop-up call and was grateful to spend time talking with some wonderful women. I was feeling wiped out and happily I did not need to do anything so I just rested.   

I worked on emptying hundreds of emails from my account. I am not good about looking at email unless I am expecting something. Friends know to text me to tell me to check email if it is important.

So I accept and take the small step forward. I shall continue the doctor appointments that seek to cure my ails. I am grateful for getting out and doing errands.  I am grateful for movement forward. 

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