Day 296 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Where did the day go? – There is always something to be grateful for.

Where did the day go? What did I get done? What did I not get done? What should I have done? What will I regret not doing? How has the entire day gone by without me checking anything off my to do list?

Oh yeah, I didn’t make a list.

I went outside early and worked on a chore I have been wanting to do since leaving school. One side of my house has a three foot wide by about 21 feet long cement walkway to the side gate. It gets very hot and I don’t want my dog to burn her feet while checking out what is going on the neighborhood. A long time ago I purchased some super thin outdoor carpeting to make a safe path for her. I cut it apart and anchored it with welcome mats. Unfortunately, they keep flying up and making a pile of a mess instead of doing their job. So today I retrieved the connecting foam mats from the shed and made a pathway for the dog. The mats were in my classroom to support my feet from the cement floors. Now they are supporting my dog’s feet from harm. I love re-purposing things.


Then I cleaned up the tree debris from the pavers. I think my jacarandas have shed the majority of their lovely purple flowers. The three hours I worked passed so quickly. But when I was finished my feet were mad at me.   

I have been in the mood for chocolate chip pancakes for a few days now. Today I was also in the mood for waffles. After retrieving the waffle maker from the garage I made yummy waffles and when they were removed from the waffle maker I added dark chocolate chips. Yummy yummy yummy.

I couldn’t decide what, if anything to do today. I finished most everything I wanted to get done this summer. I wasn’t in the mood to attack another big project. I decided a thrift store stop should be done because Wednesday is senior discount day.

After checking the mail box before leaving to do errands, I found my retirement check had been delivered. I requested direct deposit because here, as in many places, mailboxes on the street are targets for vandals. It makes me sad. I was told it could take a couple of cycles before direct deposit kicks in. I will have to remember to be diligent on the last day of the month to get the mail ASAP. My plans changed in an instant as I needed to deposit my check at the credit union.   

Then off to the thrift store where I  found a few books and a couple of seasons I needed. Thank goodness for my list. I now don’t purchase repeats. A quick stop at the grocery store for needed staples and home again, home again, jiggety-jig. 

 I attempted a nap but it was cut short with a weird dream of being in my house while a hurricane hit. Hurricanes don’t occur here. Not sure what if any meaning to attach to the dream. In the dream, we were all well but watched as water poured down our hilly street. It was disconcerting enough to wake me.

I did some work on my plants out front. They were in dire need of water and clearing. Then I placed the beautiful butterfly stakes from my dear friend, in my backyard planter. Lots of places in my yard have butterflies now. There are so many places to make me smile.   

I finished clearing some messages and responded to some others. I tried to set myself up for the SARK call but as often happens in the heat, I had to change locations to get good service. I raised my hand tonight and was asked to choose from a list of items and decide what came to mind. I chose  INVENT or CREATE. SARK asked what I was already creating and what was I thinking about creating. I stated that I would like to draw or paint, but I have always been told I have no talent.  So SARK’s guest host Brian Andreas came on and gave some advice about accepting the freedom to draw whatever I wanted. Then he challenged me to have a party with some friends and make a BUTT UGLY picture. He said the uglier the better and the more fun. Then of course Susan said to post it on the group. I was laughing so hard but accepted the challenge. The call continued with wonderful souls stepping up and accepting mentoring. I stayed for the dessert group and talked for another hour with two lovely women about all sorts of things.   

When the call was over I looked at the clock and realized the hours had sifted through my fingers and I had done exactly what I wanted, which was a lot of nothing but filling my soul. And I love that.   

I am grateful for the years of service that allows me to receive a check that sustains me. I am grateful for attending the SARK call and accepting advise from wise people. I am grateful for the challenge to make a BUTT UGLY picture. LOL  I am grateful that my dog will not burn her tootsies on the hot cement.  I am grateful my garden is full of artistic butterflies and frequented by real ones. I am grateful for not having  a list of things I MUST DO. I am grateful for new friends and old friends. 



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