Day 286 – LSS Attitude of Gratitude – Z3 Fun – There is always something to be grateful for.

Today began with an especially difficult meditation. I was going over the feelings, drama, and trauma associated with my bio-dad. I am working trough my feelings and trying to heal my inner wise self. After the long meditation I wrote a letter to bio-dad remembering the most difficult infractions against my soul. I am not 100% sure where I want to go from here but feeling my feelings was a necessary step.

Z3 woke up after awhile and I discovered he is not an early morning eater. I was outside working on the shed roof when he came and joined me. He happily played with Annie and she was in heaven. Unfortunately, I accidentally scraped my foot on a paver and sliced my foot pretty bad. As Z3 was there I tried my best to stay composed. I wasn’t sure at first if I needed stitches. I hobbled in the house and washed off the injury and bandaged my foot. I took a couple of pain killers as  I was no OK pain wise.   

After a calming down time for myself I made breakfast for Z3. He loves scrambled eggs so it was an easy fix. I added a biscuit, watermelon, and strawberries to round out his meal. We played some Sequence while waiting for my spouse to wake up and get ready to go.   

I dropped off another small cooler to my old classroom for the 8th grade science teacher. I also left brownies for the custodians. No reason why I can’t still be kind to them.  After that errand we went to the thrift store in Brea. I found a frog to add to my gate out back. Then it was off to do some grocery shopping. Z3 happily picked out treats for his stay with us. After asking again what he likes to eat I purchased some items for dinner.

I saw a coupon for kids eating free at Soup Plantation and I know it is a favorite of his. I only occasionally enjoy going there so it was a special treat for both of us. He knew exactly what he wanted there and was fine with asking for help when he needed it. I admire his ability to take care of what he needs.

After lunch we had one more stop to complete. Z3 was anxious to return home. We unloaded the car and I knew I needed a nap. Z3 played board games with Grandpa while I took a short nap. Then he went out in the pool while Grandpa swung on the swing.  After I woke we traded places. My spouse took a nap and I supervised Z3 in the pool. When he finished it was off to a shower and a snack.   

We played multiple games of checkers and Sequence. Then Z3 played a desk top shuffle board game with my spouse. Z3 loves to play games and searched the guest room closet to see if there was anything new to him.

As requested I made spaghetti for dinner. Z3 likes plain marinara sauce but ours was filled with garlic and meat. He heartily ate a full bowl of spaghetti. Then of course he needed to get us each an ice cream sandwich. More board games ensued until movie time. Tonight’s selection was Marley and Me. It is such a tear-jerker.

I had conversations with friends and family before retiring for the night. Little man was exhausted and I expect he was asleep right after hitting the sack. I am so grateful for the visits with my grand-kids. I am grateful to get to see their personalities when they are alone away from their siblings. They are such great kids.

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